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Releasing of significant records or a new videoclip is  delayed due to solving copyrights from abroad long time. Because of the broken arm and back limitation there has been a little less activities recently, that is going to change soon! :) 
New solo CD – Introducing the cello from rock and blues to classical music. You can order CD through the Contact menu form (price – 300Kč)
Occasional cooperation with guitarist Petr Urbánek, Luboš Rosenkranz, soloist of Prague National theatre Michaela Zajmi, actress Ivana Jirešová and others.
Violoncello blues in an original arrangement - part of a new CD
Preparation of a new CD 
Fotky z nedávných akcí
Older interesting things
Performing with Bára Basiková - Milenium Theatre
Ged Maloney - Videoclip from Prague Municipal House
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